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At Coast Periodontics and Laser Surgery, Lynn Sayre-Carstairs, DMD, offers full-service care for people ages 12 and older with gum disease. Residents living in and around San Luis Obispo, California, who are searching for a compassionate and dedicated periodontist, should schedule a time to meet with Dr. Sayre-Carstairs and learn more about her advanced treatment options. 

The practice features a modern office and cutting-edge technology for periodontics and laser dentistry. Over the past 25 years, Dr. Sayre-Carstairs has treated patients with a variety of gum health conditions, including gingivitis, periodontitis, and other issues that affect the gums and jaw, and these experiences have guided her to create the best patient care. 

For gum health issues that require surgical intervention, Dr. Sayre-Carstairs offers bone grafting, gum grafting, soft tissue grafting, and crown lengthening services. Patients can also access cosmetic treatments, like laser dentistry, the pinhole surgical technique, and smile design.

Dr. Sayre-Carstairs strives to provide a warm and welcoming environment when you’re receiving treatment for gum disease. She has a friendly demeanor and always takes the time to understand each patient’s goals and underlying concerns. With each patient, she only has one wish–to restore their healthy and beautiful gums. 

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Sayre-Carstairs, call the Coast Periodontics and Laser Surgery office in San Luis Obispo, California, or book online today.

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