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Why is My Dentist Referring Me To a Periodontist ?

What Are The Symptoms of Periodontal Disease ?

What Causes Periodontal Disease ?

How is a Periodontal Infection Treated ?

Is Periodontal Disease Contagious ?

What Happens During My Firest Visit To The Periodontist ?

What Happens If I Delay Treatment ?

Why Must I Start right Away ?

How Often will I be seeing the periodontist ?

Why Do I Need To Come Back In Three Months ?

Will I Need To See A Periodontist As Well As A Dentist ?

Why Do I Need To Get My Cleanings At The Periodontist's Office ?

What is a Laser ?

How will I Know If Laser Dentistry Is For me ?

Will I Lose My Tooth If I Don't Get A Gum Graft ?

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