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What are the pre and postoperative instructions?

For all surgery, we suggest that you plan on going home afterward.  If you have not taken an oral sedative, you will be able to drive yourself.  You should come with a full stomach since your next few meals will be softer food.  We do not use general anesthesia so, the full stomach is OK.  Pre and postoperative medications will be discussed with you prior to your procedure since you may be asked to start one or more of these prior to surgery day.  The duration of the surgery will be dependent on your needs and can be discussed with Dr. Sayre-Carstairs when your appointment is made.  Postoperative discomfort is different for everyone, but we will make every effort to have you be as comfortable as possible.  With the use of the Biolase laser, procedures are less invasive and therefore tend to be less uncomfortable.

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