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Scaling and/or Root Planing

This advanced cleaning usually requires that we make the tissue numb in order to get to the bottom of the gum pocket to remove hard debris.  We have numbing gels that do not require the use of a needle to accomplish this numbing.  Sometimes antibiotics are prescribed at the same time as root planing to kill the bone eating bacteria.  We usually cannot do the whole mouth at one time, so a number of visits are necessary.  A slight over-the-counter pain medication may be necessary when the gums wake up, but you can go back to work after each visit.  Softer foods may be needed for the next day or so since the teeth may be more sensitive.  A reevaluation of gum depth will be completed six weeks after root planing.

ABOUT DR.Sayre-carstairs


Dr. Sayre-Carstairs is a 1982 graduate of Wellesley College in Wellesley, MA. Her BA degree is in psychobiology and her research focused on olfaction. Tufts University in Boston, MA awarded Dr. Sayre-Carstairs her DMD degree in 1986 and she immediately moved to Los Angeles to enter the periodontal program at the University of Southern California.

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What People are Saying

“Polite, Hospitable”

"Everyone is very polite, hospitable, and always are professional and helpful. The best and everyone does a good job. Thank you so much GOD BLESS!"

Tamara H

“Highly Recommended”

"I couldn't have asked for a more accommodating dental experience. Dr. Sayre-Carstairs is very gentle, in fact even the day after I felt great. She's totally restored my confidence in dentists."

Kristen H

"Years and Years"

"I have been coming to Central Coast and Dr. Sayer for years and years . Chances are if I hadn't found them I probably wouldn't have all my teeth now. Thank goodness for Dr. Sayer."

Kelly E


"As someone who has a fear of dentists, it really matters to me that the doc is gentle and all her staff are the same!"

Anita L



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