About Shelley Clay

About Shelley Clay

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Shelley Clay, RDH, RDHAP

Shelley graduated from Cerritos College with her A.A. in Dental Hygiene in 2011. She later continued her education and attended the University of the Pacific’s RDHAP program, with an emphasis on Special Needs, and graduated in 2018. She has been an active member in her professional association, California Dental Hygienist’s Association, serving as a local component President, as well as a member of the Board of Trustees. She enjoys volunteer work at the local level and looks forward to serving our community in the future.

Shelley is originally from the California central valley, and always hoped that she would call San Luis Obispo her home. She enjoys hiking, taking her dog Tobey Won Kenobe to the beach, and exploring new places. She also enjoys ancient history, and her favorite authors are Graham Hancock and Malcolm Gladwell.

Shelley enjoys helping other people and gets satisfaction from her work. She has worked in many settings but feels that her strength is in Periodontal care. She loves to utilize ultrasonics and lasers and likes to take in a thorough health history to get a complete picture of a person’s health in regard to the treatments recommended. With her continuing education courses, she hopes to be on the cutting edge of treatments and provide the best outcomes possible to her patients.