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If you have gum disease and it doesn’t respond to conservative treatments, like eating a healthier diet or improved oral hygiene, consider deep cleaning. Lynn Sayre-Carstairs , DMD, has more than 25 years performing deep cleanings (also known as scaling and root planing). The minimally invasive procedure can preserve your smile and reduce the risk of gum recession and bone loss. To schedule an appointment for deep cleaning treatment, call the Coast Periodontics and Laser Surgery office in San Luis Obispo, California, or book online today.

Deep Cleaning Q & A

What is deep cleaning?

Deep cleaning (also known as scaling and root planing), is a dental procedure designed to treat chronic gum disease (periodontitis). Scaling and root planing goes beyond traditional teeth cleaning. During treatment, Dr. Sayre-Carstairs uses special tools to remove plaque and harmful bacteria from the base of your teeth, reducing inflammation and allowing your gums to heal.

If you regularly experience symptoms of gum disease, such as red, swollen, or irritated gums, schedule an appointment with Dr. Sayre-Castairs.

Who can benefit from a deep cleaning?

Dr. Sayre-Carstairs may recommend a deep cleaning if she notices signs of periodontitis during an oral exam. Periodontitis occurs when plaque (a film of food particles, bacteria, and saliva) collects on your teeth and beneath your gums. 

Without treatment, plaque causes your gums to pull away from your teeth, forming pockets. Harmful bacteria grow and thrive in these pockets, increasing your risk of bone loss, tooth loss, and loose teeth. Deep cleaning may help prevent these and other oral health issues.

What happens during a deep cleaning appointment?

Dr. Sayre-Carstairs performs deep cleaning on an outpatient basis. The number of treatments you need depends on several factors, including the severity of your infection and the symptoms you experience.

At the beginning of treatment, Dr. Sayre-Carstairs administers a local anesthetic to numb your mouth. Then, she uses a handheld tool to carefully remove plaque and calculus (hardened plaque) from around the base of your teeth and beneath your gums.

After removing all of the plaque and calculus, Dr. Sayre-Carstairs  uses another tool to smooth your tooth roots, a process that encourages your gums to reattach to your teeth. If you have a severe infection, she may also rinse your mouth with an antibacterial solution to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.

Is deep cleaning safe?

Deep cleaning is a safe treatment and usually well-tolerated, but it’s possible to experience an infection. To reduce the risk of this and other oral health issues, Dr. Sayre-Carstairs prescribes oral antibiotics or a special mouthwash that you use for several weeks.

In the first few days after your procedure, it’s normal to experience some increased tooth and gum sensitivity. Take anti-inflammatory medication and brush and floss more gently than normal. 

To explore the benefits of deep cleaning, call the Coast Periodontics and Laser Surgery office in San Luis Obispo, California, or book online today.

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