Additional Testimonials

Additional Testimonials

I am so grateful for Dr Sayre and Michael and the entire staff, for that matter! Dr Sayre is, by far, the best periodontist in my experience!!! Thank you!!!

-- Carol Nickless

Dr. Sayre's down-to-earth demeanor and obvious competency always leave me feeling like I'm in good hands. She's got a great sense of humor too! And I absolutely love her staff. They always make me feel known and at-home, and they are simply kind and flexible people. I highly recommend the office!

-- Elise St. John

Coast Periodontics and Laser Surgery is an Outstanding Practice! The entire staff are kind and efficient and everyone is always on time. The doctor is so sweet and lovely plus she is extremely efficient at her job and understands gums and all the disease processes, and doesn't try to entice and or sell the patient any fancy products or gimmicks.

This lovely kind and caring doctor, and has kind touch and is gentle. Plus, when a patients teeth hurt their breathe really stinks it is nice to call and have appointment as soon as possible. Dr Lynn C. Sayre-Carstairs D.M.D is an excellent Periodontist. I would highly recommend her to anyone with gums issues +10/10. Furthermore, this practice is so very pleasant it is nice to sit in an aesthetically nice place with sweat treats and tea and coffee and even a blanket for people are always cold and great magazines. This is a super nice Periodontal Practice for maintenance, emergencies and new patients. Respectful, Ms. Gutierrez

-- Deann Gutierrez

Dr Sayre's office continues to provide over the top outstanding periodontal care AND the Covid 19 protection they provided to me today is actually superior to many hospitals. I am pleased to give Coast Periodontics and Laser Surgery my highest recommendation.

-- Ronald Garcia

As someone who has a fear of dentists, it really matters to me that the doc is gentle and all her staff are the same!

-- Anita L

I have been coming to Central Coast and Dr. Sayer for years and years . Chances are if I hadn't found them I probably wouldn't have all my teeth now. Thank goodness for Dr. Sayer.

-- Kelly E

I couldn't have asked for a more accommodating dental experience. Dr. Sayre-Carstairs is very gentle, in fact even the day after I felt great. She's totally restored my confidence in dentists.

-- Kristen H

Everyone is very polite, hospitable, and always are professional and helpful. The best and everyone does a good job. Thank you so much GOD BLESS!

-- Tamara H